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Hello i’m Josh,

and together with my brother Ömer we’ve created a website about what interests us the most, Technology & Science. We like technology in all kinds of different ways and we like to share that with you.

We are a team that will provide you of great articles like, technical support, the development of new technology, new inventions, new gadget products, smartphones, game consoles etc. Everything that has to do with technology.

As you can see we got a bunch of stuff we have to do here and make this website going to be the new web medium for Tech & Science info.

Our vision

We want to grow out to be a website that is multi-functional and educational. A website that will teach, provide information, helping your decision on making a choice for some products you want to buy, helping you with tech supported related articles, news about the Tech & Science world and much more!

We hope you like the website. Enjoy it and spread the word about our website. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or Twitter!



The TechnoScience team

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